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LENS Career Consulting is Focusing on your Professional Future so you can reach your goals. We ask the needed questions to help you to realize your potential and get you to the next level.

∼Starter Package – $3,958

Resume Strategy Session, 3 Resume Documents (1 ATS compatible, 1 Plain text & 1 for direct emailing), 3 Customizable Cover Letters (detailed, exploratory, follow-up), LinkedIn Profile revision & 2 article/post, 5 job submittals

Resume & LinkedIn Profile package: $1,490

Resume/CV: $725 (a la carte)

A well-written, professional resume and sound career advice is your ticket to a job you seek. We know what employers are looking for and how to make this document effective. We will walk through the job(s) that you are interested in and craft the document to that specification.

 LinkedIn Profile: $925 (a la carte)

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 500 million members worldwide and more than 128 million members in the US. Do you currently have an All-Star profile that investors, employers or target audience can even search on? I will recreate a profile that will allow others to see your professional persona and how you can help to take any organization that you are apart of to the next level. Then we will walk through the platform to show you how you can use it to find your target audience.


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 ***All revised/new resumes and profiles can be completed within 2-3 business days.***

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